September 29th 2015 | Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

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About the event

An illustration of cars and clouds representing cloud computing

A survey conducted by Socitm in November 2014 revealed that cloud computing is already in use or is being piloted in 90% of the local public service provider organisations that responded. As this survey suggests, a lot of public sector organisations in Scotland and the rest of the UK have taken their first steps into the cloud. Some have started pilot projects whereas others have already moved entire services. Despite these positive developments, cloud computing is still far away from being “the dominant solution of our Digital Public Services delivery”, as called for by the Scottish Government.

In its 6th year, Holyrood Connect’s Cloud Computing Conference will bring together ICT and information security professionals and providers to explore why the digital transformation of the public sector is making an extensive use of cloud solutions more important than ever. Delegates will be provided with the necessary guidance, best practice examples and case studies to successfully make a business case for a move into the cloud and deploy cloud solutions in their organisations. Finally, we will look at the future of cloud computing in the public sector and consider how cloud services can become more responsive to the needs of the public sector.

Issues to be addressed:

  • The role of cloud in your digital strategy
  • How virtualisation and co-location can complement cloud computing in your data hosting strategy
  • Practical guidance for safely deploying cloud solutions
  • Best practice examples and case studies – learn from fellow IT professionals and get your questions answered
  • How to develop cloud solutions that better fit public sector needs
  • Will a single European market for cloud solutions lead to better and more secure services?

Who should attend:

We invite delegates from local authorities, the NHS, emergency services, education institutions, third sector and relevant central government bodies. Appropriate job titles include, but are not limited to:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Head of ICT
  • Head of Information Assets
  • Customer Service Manager
  • ICT Infrastructure and Delivery Manager
  • ICT Strategy and Projects Manager
  • Information (Technology) Manager
  • Assistant Director Strategic ICT Partnership
  • Director - Customer Access
  • Head of Business Solution
  • Corporate Services Director
  • Transformation Manager
  • Innovation Manager
  • Governance Manager
  • Programme Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Finance Manager



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